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im not going to be on as often on weekdays because I have swim practice, rehersals, and work now
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I saw this tweet today and I was in shock. Then when I realized it was on my twitter because my own (female) cousin retweeted it, i was horrified. Opinions like this make me sick. She could have been wearing no pants at all and it will always be the rapists “faults”. I don’t care how little a person is wearing, s/he is the victim, and will never be at fault. God, how many times do we have to say it YOU DON’T RAPE PEOPLE, NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE WEARING. If you have ever raped someone, it is your fault, period. You are a sick human being, one of the lowest forms on the planet. I have no respect for a person who has: raped someone, victim shamed, joked about rape, threatened to rape, HAS DONE OR SAID ANYTHING TO MAKE RAPE SOUND LIKE ITS NOT A BAD THING BECAUSE IT IS A VERY BAD THING. The fact that a girl retweeted this supporting the statement that if the girl in the picture were to be raped it would be her fault, also makes me sick. Stand up for each other ladies. How can we expect equality when some of us cant even respect another womans choice of clothing, and right to privacy? I’m just baffled by this. Everybody feel free to tweet this twitter user and let him know how sick he is.

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